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BlackBerry IoT delivers an innovative end-to-end solution for connected transportation designed to help our customers differentiate and improve their return on investment in an ever-changing and increasingly mobile world.



Building on our pedigree of mobile innovation.

Enterprise Productivity

Continuous data sharing and messaging.

Device Design

Robust device design with uncompromising performance.



Protecting your data and your privacy.

Intelligent, Near Real-Time Trailer, Chassis and Container Tracking

Fleet management technologies have been utilized in the industry for years and these first generation systems have focused on the location of drivers and tractors. BlackBerry is pioneering a new approach by focusing on the status of trailers, chassis, and containers to enable a more complete, data-driven transportation and logistics ecosystem.


Software Update Management

We live in an increasingly connected world where complex software is at the heart of every device.  From thermostats to vehicles this software has to be maintained regularly to ensure it is up to date, safe, secure and relevant.

BlackBerry was the first company to offer secure over-the-air software updates for mobile devices and our subsidiaries QNX and Certicom are leaders in connected automotive and embedded software and secure systems, respectively. This rich heritage, experience and products form the foundation of our secure software update and management service.

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Core Platform

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows billions of smart devices to communicate and share data. But who will be given permission to see and use these data?

The BlackBerry IoT Platform is designed to simplify and solve the complexity of data ownership and control. Built upon years of technology investment, the BlackBerry IoT Platform was created to accelerate the development and deployment of secure, scalable and intelligent connected IoT solutions.

Our connected transportation solutions are built using this mission critical IoT Platform foundation. By using this platform we are able to rapidly innovate and deliver new applications and services to keep our customers ahead of the competition.

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Software Update Management