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BlackBerry Radar provides much more than the location of your transportation assets. BlackBerry Radar gives trailers, chassis and containers the intelligence to communicate in near real-time.

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BlackBerry Radar is an innovative service for managing trailers, chassis or cargo carrying containers. The service comprises a state-of-the-art ultra-low maintenance device and easy to use web-based applications that provide continuous asset visibility and near real-time analytics to make your logistics operations more efficient. The service is offered as a turnkey package that includes connectivity and securely hosted cloud service that deliver easily
quantifiable return-on-investment.

Why BlackBerry Radar?

Improving utilization and efficiency is only possible if you have continuous visibility into all assets in your transportation fleet. Currently, trailers, chassis and containers are tracked by outdated systems if they are tracked at all.

The BlackBerry Radar solution has been designed to fill this gap and provide smarter and more efficient transportation and logistics. It allows customers to replace manual processes with near real-time information and analytics in order to take the guess work out of trailer, chassis and container management.

Maximize Efficiency, Stop Theft, Increase Profit

Return on Investment

Quantifying the value of the BlackBerry Radar service is simple. We have developed a return-on-investment calculator to help customers evaluate the financial viability of the solution based on their own fleet size, experience and cost parameters. Please contact us to learn more about the value of the Radar solution for your business.

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