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To get access to the program benefits that will help you build your expertise, expand your business opportunities and realize your full potential, please join the BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program for Solutions Providers. Please note that members of previous BlackBerry, or BlackBerry acquired, partner programs are not automatically enrolled into this program, due to new terms, conditions & requirements.

Mandatory Prerequisites:

  • Only the individual who has the authority to bind the company should accept the agreement
  • Your organization must be a legally registered company
  • Your organization must have an operational corporate website
  • You must use a corporate email domain to apply
  • You must use an individual email address, rather than a group alias to apply (we are unable to process applications from group email addresses)


Your application will be reviewed by BlackBerry and, upon approval, a welcome email will be sent detailing the tools and benefits available to grow your business.

Apply today by filling out the form below.

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By completing this form, you will be receiving email updates from BlackBerry. You can later withdraw your consent through links available in our Privacy Policy, or by writing us at: Privacy Office c/o BlackBerry Legal Department, 2200 University Avenue East, Waterloo. Ontario, Canada, N2K 0A7

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