Leverage a secure over-the-air (OTA) software update solution that transforms deployment efficiency and enhances the customer experience.

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BlackBerry® offers a complete hosted solution for over-the-air (OTA) software updates and management, with world class security and proven scale for millions of devices with global coverage.

The OTA update solution allows manufacturers to package, manage, and deploy software updates, applications, and content to vehicles and devices over wireless connections. The fully featured OTA administration includes dependency management logic, and definable distribution and delivery rules. The product is OS agnostic and has numerous control mechanisms to handle complex use cases.

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Build new customer services

The BlackBerry® IoT Platform can be used to build new customer-facing solutions and value-added services. For example, the permissions model and secure messaging features of the platform can be used to build a remote vehicle application. Users can manage heating, air conditioning, locks, and digital content from a mobile device or computer.

In another example, a user’s driving preferences like seat position, mirror position, steering wheel tilt, music, and frequently called phone numbers can be stored in the cloud. Vehicles can have an infinite number of custom user profiles. The user profile becomes portable and upon buying, renting, or borrowing another car, the profile can be transferred, which leads to improved brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. The device management platform provides a convenient way to administer such services.

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Lifetime Management

Automobiles are seeing a significant growth in ECUs (electronic control units) and software in every car. By collecting critical data from these units, car manufacturers can analyze the data based on time, geography, models and usage, for example, and use the results for design optimization or scheduling maintenance and service.

The fine-grained permission model inherent in the BlackBerry IOT Platform can be used to allow selective access of the data to different players in the automotive ecosystem such as service centers, development partners, and application developers.

Platform Advantages

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Device data security is critical in automotive. All of the BlackBerry IoT Platform modules including data intelligence, lifecycle management, device management, and federated identity include the security features found in the platform.


These features offer support for OAuth2 or ECC TLS to establish device trust, available certificate management, and patented encryption to help keep data protected while it is in transit.


The distribution of vehicles, corporate fleets, and resale markets make the automotive ecosystem very complex. The permissions and capabilities of the BlackBerry IoT Platform were designed with the needs of the automotive industry in mind. Access for users, resellers, dealers, and fleets can be managed through hierarchical permissions, and customized dashboards can be provided for tailored experiences.


The BlackBerry infrastructure provides physical data center security and security crisis management planning to ensure high availability, disaster recovery, and contingency preparedness. The lifecycle management module also includes advanced access controls and support for integration with leading on-premises user management systems (such as LDAP) to help keep data confidential.

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Vehicles can have a lifespan of over 10 years and OEM systems must therefore be designed to support over 100 million in-field devices long term. Data usage for vehicle updates and content delivery (e.g. maps, music) can also be substantial and network traffic must be actively managed and balanced.

Experience with millions of devices

BlackBerry already supports messaging for more than 200 million mobile registered devices using the same cloud infrastructure as the BlackBerry IoT Platform. In addition, BlackBerry supports millions of software updates with substantial bandwidth requirements. With experience in embedded design and networks, BlackBerry can manage these scalability challenges from both ends while deep relationships with carriers help optimize costs. The BlackBerry IoT Platform is a shared infrastructure service designed to transparently handle system loads and eliminate hardware capacity planning.

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The BlackBerry IoT Platform is a hosted service designed to provide customers with all the benefits of software as a service solutions. The platform was specifically designed with the needs of the automotive industry in mind.

Lifecycle management

The BlackBerry IoT Platform is designed to facilitate faster product design cycles, commercial deployment, and ongoing device management. Faster product design cycles are achieved by being able to collect software logs and software crashes in near real-time and provide this data to developers via the BlackBerry IoT Platform to facilitate faster resolution.

The device lifecycle management module allows software updates throughout the life of the vehicle. Software, content, and configuration updates also allow new features to be added over the lifetime of the vehicle to increase user satisfaction.

Outsourced IoT expertise

The BlackBerry IoT Platform supports core messaging and is a foundational platform for IoT systems, allowing OEMs to focus on building distinguished, high quality products while simultaneously reducing IT costs. The platform provides integrated analytics, business logic, permissions, security, and data storage under a single set of APIs. These services are hosted on a globally scalable network, which is managed 24/7 for security and reliability.

Rebuilding these components from scratch and supporting them in-house would take significant resources that are better utilized for core business operations. Furthermore, by using the BlackBerry IoT Platform vehicle manufacturers still retain ownership and control their data and vehicles.

Subscription pricing

It is impossible to predict how thousands of vehicle components and supporting electrical systems will operate in the field. The BlackBerry IoT Platform is a hosted service, so a customer only pays for the services they use.