Reliable, scalable messaging, with instantaneous data indexing and storage, acts as the connectivity bus for all IoT services.

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The BlackBerry® IoT Platform foundation provides integrated analytics tools for examining and visualizing data. These tools can easily be integrated into customized dashboards based on permissions set by users or an administrator. The analytics tools are designed to empower employees and teams by providing easy-to-understand time-based and geo-spatial comparisons, flexible interfaces, and powerful search-based syntax.

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The BlackBerry IoT Platform foundation is built around fine-grained permissions. Every action, message, and data object in the platform is routed through a permissions manager where they are validated. These permissions are hierarchical, enabling devices and applications to grant subsidiary rights and powers. All the permissions can be managed using an intuitive web-based administrative portal.

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The platform uses modern technologies to support instantaneous data indexing for real-time intelligence and long term storage for historical and trend analysis. Storage is highly distributed, providing responsive performance and data protection through redundancy.

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Security Services includes state-of-the-art technologies for authentication, authorization, and data encryption, with interaction patterns designed by BlackBerry, such as:

  • User-based and device-based authentication
  • OAuth2 and ECC TLS to establish device trust
  • Token-based service interaction to reduce authorization traffic
  • Hosted certificate management authority