Manage Your Fleet With Facts

BlackBerry® Radar services are designed to provide an accurate and up-to-date picture of your trailers, containers and equipment in operation. These services support real-time trailer tracking, operations and business management, and can help in making business-related financial decisions.    

Radar Services User Interface
Radar Services User Interface Dashboard

BlackBerry Radar services are accessed through a secure web portal. The portal can be accessed via a web browser from anywhere in the world by an unlimited number of users in your organization for no additional fee.

Trailer Tracking Dashboard

The BlackBerry Radar dashboard provides an easy and secure way to track and monitor fleet assets using a map-driven user interface.

BlackBerry Radar trailer tracking devices collect up to 100X more data than basic GPS trackers. Alarms and alerts based on threshold settings are transmitted instantaneously when triggered. As a result, you can be confident that what you see in the dashboard accurately reflects the status of your fleet assets as they operate geographically.


Radar Services Dashboard

BlackBerry Radar Reports

The BlackBerry Radar telematics service includes elegant visualizations and interactive reports designed to deliver accurate answers and tools that allow operators to manage their fleets with facts.

Radar devices collect location, status and environmental information and provide instantaneous event and threshold alerts. Based on this wealth of data you can generate powerful and accurate projections and summaries regarding the performance of your equipment and transportation fleets.

BlackBerry Radar Reports

The Radar service includes the following key reports:

Radar Service Accordion



Integrating the Radar Service

BlackBerry Radar is also designed to be easily integrated into other business and transportation management systems. BlackBerry Radar service data is available via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using common industry data formats.