Support for
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AppCentral Product Support 2.7

What we offer:

We offer a variety of self-service and interactive support channels to the administrators and operators of our products. We rely on our customers to provide support to their end-users, but will happily assist with escalated wide spread or persistent end-user problems as needed.

What a customer can expect:

Cases will remain open in our system until:
1) We have fully answered any questions to our customer’s satisfaction.
2) An escalated case has been fixed, and the fix deployed to the customer.
3) A case is deemed a Feature Request, and has been moved to the user forum, or passed directly to Product Management.

Severity Level


Initial Response SLA

Resolution Target


Related to service downtime, and major restrictions on use.  There is no workaround for the problem.

1 hour (12X5)



A failure that causes a major restriction on use.  A workaround may or may not be in place that lessens the impact of the problem.

2 hours (12X5)

One business day (12x5)


Changes to the product we’ll fix, but the application is working as expected.  The problem doesn’t impede work flow.

4 hours (12X5)

Three business days (12x5)

Feature Request

A feature request is any idea based on new functionality, or customization of the current product. Some features will go straight into the Product Management enhancement list, while others will be added based on customer feedback measured on the user forum.

1 day (12X5)