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BlackBerry Z30

Have you tried?

First Steps

Get help creating your Wi-Fi® network connection, your BlackBerry® ID login and more.

BlackBerry ID

Your quick access pass to BlackBerry products, sites, services and apps.

Upgrading or switching?

Find what you need to help you switch from your old phone to your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Get to know your smartphone

Master the basics, learn about specific features and discover how to make your BlackBerry® Z30 work best for you.

The basics

Calls, contacts & calendars

Messaging and more

Connections & browsing

Understand the differences between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi Direct, Tethering, Remote Control and NFC. Also learn how you can maximize your browsing experience.

Getting around

Swiping on your new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone becomes second nature after learning the new gestures and recognizing key features of your home screen.


Quick help for common tasks

Watch the most popular step-by-step videos for key activities.

Other Resources

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